The group called JAIG, wich is organized by Japanese radio amateurs living in the Federal Republic of Germany and German amateurs who wish to cultivate friendship with Japan, is pleased to present an award to all licenced amateurs and SWLs meeting the following conditions:

Class I:

Contacts with 5 DL stations and with 5 JA stations each with a different prefix (e.g. DL1, DF2, JA5, JH6, etc.) are required. Furthermore, at least one QSO with a JAIG-member of any country must be confirmed.

Class II:

The text "DL JA FREUNDSCHAFT" is to be formed by using the suffix letters of confirmed QSOs. At least one QSO a JAIG-Member is mandatory. Each QSO with a JAIG-member may be used as a wild card (joker) for a missing letter in the above text, whereby the suffix letters are also eligible.

award_klAll QSOs made since the year 1985 on any amateur band and by any mode are recognized. A JAIG member list can be obtained from the award manager (please enclose an SASE).
The award application together with a logbook extract and a fee of 10.- US$, 10.- EURO or 8IRCs should be sent to the award manager:

Hans Graf
- DF2MC -
Jacques Offenbach Str. 33
D-83395 Freilassing

The JAIG group was foundet in DL in 1985, with the aim of promoting friendship between German and Japanese radio amateurs with paticular emphasis placed upon contacts between Japanese members who live in DL. The JAIG group is also open to amateurs of other European countries. The JAIG-net is operated every Sunday at 08.00 UTC on 21.360 MHz.


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